Who am I?

Who am I?


My Approach

I use my life guidance skills to assist people who want to “Clear the Path” of the past to live the future they desire. I customize each course to meet the needs of the client. Some changes may be choices you are making about the way want to live your life, while other changes are due to outside forces you had no control over but now need to deal with. Building a foundation for change allows you to strategically move from one place to another, will alleviate the fear and stress you may be experiencing concerning making a change. I assist you in making changes to your physical surroundings as well as changes to your mental thought processes to successfully make changes in your life.

I will guide you using:

Tough questions to define the change you desire.

Vision boards.


Goal setting.

Mandala Art Therapy

Positive self-talk strategies.

Coping skills building assignments.

Fear assessment questionnaire.

Self-esteem assessment questionnaire.

Self-esteem building assignments.

Support as you go through the process of change.

My Story

I have obtained a Master’s degree in Social Science, a Master’s of Business Administration and a Master’s in Women Studies with post-graduate work in Survivor Services. I have over 25 years experience in the fields of mental health counseling, transition counseling, financial counseling, and am a death and dying duala with extensive experience in grief counseling. I believe everyone has the ability to live a full and successful life and find the road to happiness if they build a foundation of habits and thought processes that support the lifestyle they desire.

Hello, Welcome, Get to know me

I grew up in a family which was very supportive and loving, though not very stable. I learned at an early age to overcome fear of change and recognize that staying in a familiar life pattern even if it is uncomfortable or unhealthy is not beneficial. Obtaining guidance to move from one stage in life to another is a self-loving way to get the life we desire. Learning the steps necessary to make healthy changes, then getting support for those changes, will allow you to lead a more successful life. I focus half my time in working with those over 55 to negotiate the realities of living phase 3 of their life. I manage a Facebook page: Elder Support and Information and host Senior vending shows to introduce seniors to products and services which may increase the positivity in their lives. The rest of my time is spent with people of all ages who are seeking to learn new life skills, strategies, and tools to take the leap to make a desired change.



Next Steps…

If you would like to speak to me about your desire to make a life change, please email me at [email protected] to schedule a free half hour consultation to discuss which programs will best fit your needs. Please put Schedule a Consultation in the subject line.